Online Documentation

  • Texas Instruments:
  • Scientific Toolworks, Inc.:
  • Wyatt Technology Corporation:
    • ASTRA Online Help (versions 4.x through 6.x)
    • DYNAMICS Online Help
  • EasyLobby:
    • EasyLobby Help System
  • AnyWare Consulting:
    • Pocket Finance PC Help
    • Pocket Finance Windows CE Help
  • JetFax and various OEMs:
    • JetSuite Help
  • America Online:
    • AOLpress Online Tutorial: Award of Achievement, 1996-97 International Online Communications Competition
    • AOLpress User's Guide: Award of Excellence in the 1997-98 Orange County Technical Publications Competition.

Web Sites

  • Santa Barbara STC Chapter: Best of Show and an Award of Distinguished Technical Communication in the 1997-98 Lone Star Web Page Competition.
  • STC Region 8: Award of Achievement in the 1997-98 Lone Star Web Page Competition.

White Papers

  • "Voice-Data Integration" for NCR Corporation
  • "Collaborative Conferencing: The Role of POTS and Voice-over-IP" for Outreach Technologies



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  • "'Writers' or 'Communicators'?", Technical Communication, Vol. 39, No. 1.
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  • "More Than 'Correct'", Technical Communication, Vol. 41, No. 3.
  • "Technical Communication and the Net", reprinted by several STC chapter newsletters, 1994.


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