I master tools rapidly. If the tool you are looking for is not on this list, I can learn it quickly.

Text Tools
FrameMaker, MS Word, Acrobat and Acrobat Distiller,
PowerPoint, others

Help Tools
WebWorks Publisher, RoboHELP, HTML, Dreamweaver, others

Wiki Tools
MediaWiki, Confluence wiki, Twiki

Image Tools
Visio, SmartDraw, PhotoImpact, Fireworks, Corel Graphics Suite, others

Video Tools
Camtasia, Wink, Flash

Programming Languages and Concepts
C/C++, Pascal, Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, ASP, PostScript, CGI, some FORTRAN, object-oriented programming concepts, relational database design, real-time programming concepts

MS Access, Oracle

Other Software and Topics
DSP and embedded system scheduling concepts, MS Excel, various Web servers, FTP, Telnet, user-interface standards, financial software

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (various), Linux, UNIX (various), DSP/BIOS, SYS/BIOS


Copyright 2011, Yvonne DeGraw