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I provide high-quality technical writing services. Quality documentation can save your company time and money by reducing the number of product support calls and increasing customer satisfaction.

I'm a contract technical writer with over 10 years of experience. I have a strong mix of writing, design, and technical skills.

High-Quality: A reviewer called a help system I designed "fantastic" and "jaw-dropping". An award-winning online tutorial I created garnered comments like these: "It is *wonderful*. I have never found a more useful, comprehensive tutorial anywhere—it's a joy to use." and "… best tutorial I have ever seen."

Technical: I'm a "technical" technical writer. I learn to use and understand products that I write about. I don't just "pretty up" engineering documents. I can write and test code examples and document software by reading source code directly. I'm interested in and keep up with developments in physics, astronomy, and biology.

Writing: I'm also a "writer"—with journalism training and experience, the ability to write for various audiences, and knowledge of instructional design and adult learning theory.

I'm based in Santa Barbara, California, but often work remotely for clients in other states. Call or send e-mail if you would like to discuss ways I can help with technical writing projects including:

* Manual writing
* Online and web-based help
* Instructional design
* Database publishing
* User interface design


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