Once upon a time, AOL provided a tool called AOLpress (also known as GNNpress and NaviPress) free of charge. AOL no longer supports AOLpress and now provides other tools for website creation.

But, AOLpress has its fans, particularly in the education community. It is a free WYSIWYG HTML editor that creates clean, simple HTML. Its HTML code editor allows users to learn about the HTML code itself.

As you can guess if you look at the source code for this page, I now use Dreamweaver and other tools. But, I'm still fond of AOLpress--since I wrote the book on it. So, I've created this download page.

Download DawgThis software is provided AS IS. It isn't guaranteed not to crash and take your hard work with it. It isn't guaranteed to work or even install on newer versions of MS Windows. I do not intend to support it, and I don't have the source code. I don't even have installation files for the Macintosh or UNIX versions.

The AOLpress software was last updated in 1997--a long time ago in web time. HTML 3.2 had just come out. Things like style-sheets, Javascript, and DHTML are not supported by AOLpress. AOLpress does support frames and tables.

I like to think that, in some part, the (award-winning) tutorial I designed for AOLpress is one of the things people liked about AOLpress. And indeed, schools often recommend using the tutorial as a learning tool. By following the links below, you can see the tutorial pages. However, using the tutorial involves editing the tutorial pages themselves with AOLpress; to do that, you need to download and install AOLpress.

AOLpress logo and art (including "Download Dawg") by Amy Luwis.


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Last updated: July 5, 2001